Wax melts

Please read for your safety and enjoyment

  • Keep away from children, pets, and flammable objects.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Remove the packaging and break a cube of the wax melt, place it on top of the wax burner, do not add water. Light a tea light in the base of the wax burner and allow the wax to melt. (Only use unscented 4-6 hour tea lights.)
After extinguishing the flame the wax melt will cool and it will solidify again.

Wax melts will spread a beautiful scent for multiple hours, the wax does not evaporate. After the fragrance has burned off, simply throw the wax away. If you light the tea light just a minute, it will loosen up the wax so you can take it off with a paper towel. Do not pour wax down your sink as this will clog your drains.

The intensity and longevity of wax melts depends on the burner (the lower the wax burner is, the sooner the scent will burn off.) We advise a wax burner that is at least 11 cm high.